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Proud Mary - Kenya Chania Estate Honey


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Product Description

"This French Mission Bourbon from Chania Estate is a beautiful mix of an interesting variety combined with an uncommon processing method in this region. This lot has a bright and juicy flavour profile full of mango, blueberry and vanilla notes."

The Minas Gerais region where this lot was grown is known for it’s dry winters and this has helped establish Santa Clara as an excellent producer of Natural coffees, using the ‘Direto da Roça’ method. This method involves the Cherries going straight from the plantation with no water contact resulting in coffees with enhanced sweetness and fruit quality from the Natural Process.”

Producer: Chania Estate

Location: Central Province, Thika

Varietal: French Mission Bourbon

Elevation: 1500 - 1575 masl

Processing: Honey

Notes: Mango, blueberry, vanilla

Size: 100g

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